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I’m ready! I want to buy a house! How do I get started?

I’m ready! I want to buy a house! How do I get started?

Surprisingly, it’s easy.  First, and foremost, you need to complete a mortgage application.  You can do that by going online to and click APPLY ONLINE! This will walk you through the full application and it is emailed back to me as soon as you hit submit!  OR you can call the office at 602.294.9288 and we can do one together over the phone.

You should have the following items handy when we do the application:
Current paycheck stub

Last years W2 

Current asset account statements (checking, savings, 401K etc)

Once I have the application, I will pull a copy of your credit report.  

We now have a full picture of where you currently stand and an idea of what you qualify for.

We will spend the time together to review your application, your credit report and what you qualify for.  What down payment you should be prepared for? What the new mortgage payment will likely look  like? Things that you should consider as you start your house hunting?  As well as cover any questions you may have.

Once you have a loan approval, you are ready to hit the streets with your realtor! Need an Arizona realtor referral? We can help with that as well! You can see a list of our preferred realtors on the website as well at 

We will provide the neccessary PreQualification Letter that your realtor will need in order for you to make an offer.   Many times, as you begin looking at Arizona homes, we may need to re-visit your application so we can compare what you find, with what the mortgage numbers will look like.  Ensure that you still have the same comfort level as when you began looking. 

Once you have an accepted offer from the seller… we are off an running! This is when your Arizona mortgage loan submission process begins.  Stay tuned for further blog posts on how the Arizona mortgage loan submission process works!

Any questions? Feel free to email me at or post your question on Facebook —>!/pages/First-Class-Financial-Services/278622632014

or of course, you can always call 602.294.9288

Having a dream is good, Owning one is better!

Leslie Nilsen


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