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Is It Time to Make Your Move? The cost of waiting! Part 1

Available inventory is VANISHING!

Detecting signs of VANISHING Shadow Inventory

Check out this chart! —> Buyer Purchasing Power 

The percentage of shadow inventory is down 78% in Arizona!

What is Shadow Inventory: A looming mass of delinquent and foreclosed-upon homes that threatened to destabilize the market.

In April 2014, Corelogic released its most recent figures on Shadow Inventory.

  • The national residential shadow inventory declined 23% year over year this past January.
  • The inventory has experienced double digit year over year declines for each of the past 16 consecutive months.
  • The shadow inventory from Jan 2013- Jan 2014 has decreased an average monthly rate of over 41000 properties, according to CoreLogic.

Why the decline?

  • Healthy housing market.
  • Prices have been going up at a steady pace, positive home equity, simple increase in home value over the last few years.
  • An abundance of short sales or modifications.
  • Reducing inventory=less opportunity= higher prices= QUESTION? Why wait?

Is it time to make your move? What are you waiting for?  

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Arizona Mortgage Question of the day: Where do I find a FREE mortgage calculator?

Arizona Mortgage Question of the Day (now affectionately called “QD”) Where do I find a FREE mortgage calculator?

First, this is an easy one.  I’ve got you covered.  We have MANY mortgage calculators on our website.  

It’s easy. Click here —>

Many home buyers/refinancers looking for an Arizona mortgage want to do their own research BEFORE they call a loan officer. I understand that. 

Use the Arizona mortgage calculators to:

1. Calculate monthly payment —>

2.  How much you can you afford? —>

3.  The affect of making an extra mortgage payment? —>

4.  Chart an amortization schedule —>

5.  The cost of renting -vs- owning —>

6.  The difference between and ARM (adjustable rate mortgage)  and a fixed rate mortgage ->  

7. Should I refinance —>  

and many more!

You owe it to yourself to get started today!

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Having a dream is good, owning one is better!

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