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5 quick and easy helpers for FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS?

1. GIFTS… remember, depending on the type of loan you qualify for, GIFT FUNDS can be used towards your down payment!  Not only relatives but think WEDDING GIFT? Yes.  Wedding Gift.  Wedding accounts are a huge source of down payment- you can advise you are “registered” with a “HOME FUND” account and your donors can deposit your wedding gift into your “Home Fund” what better way to buy your new home and celebrate your new life together?  There are caveats to this account so call me I can walk you through it and/or any other gift contributions.

2. EDUCATION.. first time homebuyers are more educated then they have ever been.  This is a great start to home ownership! We have access to HUNDREDS of educational links! Just ask!

3.  MINIMAL DOWN PAYMENT OPTIONS?  Conventional loan options with 3% down payment or FHA options with 3.5% down payment OR are you a VETERAN?  Veteran options with 0% down!

4. PREAPPROVAL! Get preapproved PRIOR to shopping.  It makes the whole process much easier.  You do not find a dream home you cannot afford!

5.  LOAN OPTIONS? What are you options? Terms? Rate? Down payment? Mortgage Insurance? Max purchase price? Closing costs? Know before you shop.

6. READY TO GET STARTED? Apply online! www.fcfs.net TODAY!

Questions? Call us! 602.294.9288

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