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Kids and Money! Start early…

My guy is the most amazing 15 year old on the planet and his first word was “mortgage” so to say I know something about kids and money, is an understatement.  I used to teach a Finance class to 8th graders and it was disturbing their view on money, it’s source and it’s longevity.   So here begins my blog on kids and money!

My first suggestion is an easy one: Start early! As early as your children learn the value of a hot stove they should learn the value of money.   The value of saving it and the value in spending it (spending it specifically on real estate 🙂

How hard we have to work to acquire it and how quickly it is spent.

What a credit card is and that they are more than just a plastic card that comes with wallet. (3 years of teaching and many 8th graders could not explain HOW a credit card was re-paid)

The value of your credit report and identity.

The tremendous benefit of a monthly budget.

I used simple times to explain complex ideas even to my toddler.  Don’t under estimate your ability to make an impact on an incredibly important topic at an early age.    The survey the 8th graders took at the end of the year many wrote “…very thankful I took this class!  I had no idea!” 

I’m sure it goes without saying but practice what you preach, start early and you might learn something about your own finances along the way!

Having a dream is good, owning one is better!

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